A Case Study of Client

The client who chose to remain anonymous faced a number of problems: medical benefits inequality, absence of the Letter of Guarantee (LOG) and HR struggling to manage employee’s queries.

My team and I worked to resolve those issues and this is what the client got during in the first 3 months

Medical Benefits Improvements


  • 10% policy cost reduction
  • Upgraded to no copay
  • Upgraded to online GP consultations
  • Introduced TCM visits


  • 10% policy cost reduction
  • Unlimited panel dental

Term Life

  • 30% policy cost reduction

Hospital & Surgical

  • S$1000 annual limits increase
  • Maintained price at S$332 per member for 4 years
  • Upgraded from S$280 room & board to 1 bedded government hospital

Self help guide

Flowchart on how to submit a claim. Included in the 14-page .PDF guide

Benefits table

A sample page of the 14-page .PDF guide

24-hour support

Our team was there around the clock to answer employees' questions

Personal account with 24/7 access to benefits and claims

  • Android and iOS app, Benefits screen

  • Android and iOS app, Claims screen

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