Annie Lam

David’s response time to all queries, quotations etc has always been the shortest in comparison to the many brokers & agents I’ve come across. He has a team who respond equally (if not better) when it comes to the claims as well, ensuring little to no delays.

He is someone who keeps himself updated on relevant knowledge & information and actively shares them with us, the clients. He takes the time and effort to connect with HR professionals, to understand our needs though some of these wants/needs may be a little overstretched (Lol). In the last renewal, David was able to help us negotiate for a deal good enough to help us save about 25% of potential increase and we are definitely grateful. Needless to say, his team’s level of customer service is one that goes more than expected.

Passionate, accountable, humble, warm are the words my team & I would like to use to describe David.

Thank you and we look forward to more years of partnership with David.

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