Christina Tan

How did you David and his team services?

David and his team members are always prompt when we have any request. And since we engaged David, the service level improved significantly. I also appreciate David took the effort to coordinate employee briefing on our group insurance coverage partnering AIA. It helped our employees to understand their coverage better and migrated the claim process online. In return, this reduced processing time on an administrative team, like HR and finance.

How did you find David’s advice and recommendation?

David wad professional in his recommendation. He is able to give insight on the benefit trend in the market vis-s-vis the appropriate coverage that suitable for the profile of our employees.

How have your HR team benefited from his service and advice?

As shared in #1, with more transparency with the coverage and claim process, it reduced time spent on administrative duties. David also went the extra mile to conduct an administrative session with HR team to look into question from administrator.

What was your impression and expense throughout?


What was the employee’s feedback and response?

The feedback for the briefing sessions was positive.

Would you recommend him to your HR Peers? If yes, who and if no, why?

I would recommend David to HR contact, but I don’t have anyone in mind at the moment.

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