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What You Need to Know About Group Health Insurance in Singapore

Updated 15 Jan 2024

In Singapore, where world-class healthcare meets a dynamic economy, navigating the labyrinthine realm of medical insurance can seem daunting.
While the public system offers subsidised care, many rely on group health insurance for comprehensive medical coverage. This employer-sponsored scheme provides invaluable medical protection, but getting your head around its nuances is crucial. So, here is a quick guide to unlock the secrets of group medical insurance in Singapore and safeguard your employees’ well-being.

What is Group Health Insurance?

Group health insurance, also known as employee health insurance, corporate health insurance, or group medical insurance, is a type of health insurance policy that covers a collective of individuals, typically a company’s employees. Employers customise this policy to offer healthcare benefits to their workforce as part of their compensation package. Unlike individual health insurance plans, group plans benefit from the shared risk pool, often resulting in lower premiums for employees.

Benefits of Group Insurance

  1. Reduced Premiums: The collective risk-sharing principle lowers premiums for individuals compared to solo plans.
  2. Wider Coverage: Group plans typically cover a broader range of medical expenses, including hospitalisation, outpatient care, specialist consultations, and often, ancillary services like dental and optical care.
  3. Simplified Enrolment: Employers take care of administrative tasks like plan selection and enrolment, making it hassle-free for employees.
  4. Pre-existing Conditions: Some group plans offer coverage for pre-existing conditions, which can be tricky to obtain in individual plans.
  5. Enhanced Employee Benefits: Offering group medical insurance plans demonstrates an employer’s commitment to employee well-being, boosting morale and attracting talent.

Eligibility for Group Health Insurance

  1. Employment Status: Full-time employees on the company payroll are typically eligible.
  2. Minimum Group Size: For international employees, even at one (1) employee can be insured. For employees in Singapore, at least two (2) employees need to be insured.
  3. Nationality & Residency: Eligibility may depend on citizenship, permanent residency, or specific pass holder status.
  4. Waiting Period: New employees may face a waiting period of 12-18 months before joining the group plan.

Understanding Your Coverage

  1. Plan Types: Group plans come in various tiers with varying coverage limits and co-payments. Grasp your plan’s specifics, including in-patient and out-patient limits, exclusions, and deductibles.
  2. Network Providers: Choose plans with preferred hospitals and clinics to maximise cost savings and convenience.
  3. Claims Process: Familiarise yourself with the claims process, including required documentation and how to submit claims.

Beyond Group Health Insurance

  1. Medishield and Medisave: Singapore’s mandatory healthcare schemes provide basic coverage for large hospital bills, covering inpatient stays in subsidized wards of public hospitals and selected expensive outpatient treatments like dialysis and chemotherapy. Understand how your group plan complements these schemes.
  2. Individual Top-Up Plans: For additional protection, consider individual top-up plans for specific needs like critical illness or high-cost treatments.

Where We Come In

Group health insurance is a valuable perk in Singapore, but understanding its complexities is essential. By exploring your coverage, eligibility, and additional options, you can make informed choices to secure your well-being and navigate the healthcare landscape with confidence. Remember, prioritising your health is an investment in your future, so empower yourself with knowledge and make the most of this essential benefit.

While understanding the intricacies of group health insurance is crucial, navigating its complex options and securing the best plan for your needs can be overwhelming. That’s where we come in.

My team and I are more than just insurance brokers; we are employee benefits gurus. We specialize in tailoring comprehensive medical benefit packages that go beyond the generic. No one-size-fits-all solutions here!

Remember, prioritising your health is an investment in your future, so empower yourself with knowledge and make the most of this essential benefit.

David Ho
Medical Benefits Designer

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