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Top Benefits and Perks your Employees Will Like

Recruiters have a tough time getting top quality people and candidates can be demanding about what they expect. Income, stability, and career advancement are important considerations; benefits and perks are given high marks as well. You must have a good selection of benefits to attract the best. A research survey conducted by Glass door revealed that 57% of people rated benefits and perks as their top considerations in accepting the job offer. The list of the most desired includes the following:

  1. Health care insurance (such as medical, dental): 40%
  2. Vacation leaves / paid time off: 37%
  3. Performance bonus: 35%
  4. Paid sick leaves: 32%
  5. Retirement Plan, and/or pension: 31%

Obviously, money isn’t everything when it comes to selecting a new employer. The same goes for retention strategies. Benefits are the golden chains that convince an employee to stay longer than ordinary. As the survey results suggest, healthcare insurance plans, including medical and dental, are essential benefits for attracting and keeping good people.

Health insurance plans should have some advantages included within them. Sanofi Canada has released its recent 2016 Canada Healthcare Survey, which highlights prescription drugs and basic dental coverage as the top healthcare benefits. Results of the survey showed that 60% of respondents said that prescription drug coverage as very good, and the 53% gave the same response for dental benefits.

A bar chart displaying the rating of plan components for group health insurance and medical benefits in Singapore.

A good insurance broker will be able to help any HR department craft a desirable medical and dental insurance plans. The best idea is to offer as much as you can reasonably afford. A good healthcare plan helps any company stay competitive in a very tough market environment.


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